Basic Arabic Phrases

“If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head. If you talk to him in his language, that goes to his heart.”

These words by Mandela fuel my travel philosophy. People are more willing to open up if you demonstrate your interest in learning. This can easily be achieved by picking up a few phrases in their mother tongue, reading up about their society, and starting a conversation!

Below is an Arabic greeting which will help break the ice:

Peace be upon you Replacing “Hello”, this Islamic greeting is the predominant phrase used by locals Ah-sah-lahm Wah-lay-yee-koom 


And upon you, peace The appropriate response Wah-lay-yee-koom Sah-lahm

This is typically enough to start off a great relationship. If you want to add a little more Arabic to your vocab, here are a few useful terms:

Everything alright? Like “Alright?” in the UK, used as a greeting/acknowledgement. Not used to ask for a detailed report on your current emotional status Koo-loo-she Mah-zee-ahn?


Yes! The appropriate response, even if you’re feeling a little food poisoning Mah-zee-ahn!


Please Mean-fat-lek
Thank you Show-kron
You’re welcome Ahf-won
Too much Bee-surf
Expensive Rah-lee
Too expensive Rah-lee Bee-surf
No! Lah!
Bye! Bee-slah-mah!
The old city Muh-dee-nah
Let’s go! Yah-lah! 

A last note: if you speak French, dust it off as it will do wonders for you in Morocco.

Happy exploring! 🌎

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